I have a bad case of Wanderlust.
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LIVERPOOL: November 23, 2011

My friend Sarah is looking at medical schools to go to in England and her first stop was the University of Liverpool. We left at 12:45pm and headed on the train to Liverpool Central. After getting lost for a bit trying to find the place where she was meeting the tour guide, we found a nice guy who led us there. As we were approaching the place, a guy was like, “Hello ladies. Where you from?” We said the states. Then he was like, “Wanna buy some cocaine? Some MDMA?” At first I couldn’t understand what he was saying and was very confused. Then he started following us, and kept asking. Finally he said it louder and clearer, and I was like, “Um, no thanks,” and kept walking. Finally he got the hint and left us alone, but it was super awkward.

We met the guy for the campus tour and he was super attractive. He took us all over campus and showed us everything. It’s actually a really nice place and I even started asking my own questions about the school. He took us through the student hub and showed us the theatre, which made me super happy. They also have posters up for a lot of shows and concerts. The Ting Tings will be there this weekend and I’m tempted to go back to see them. Chester has none of that stuff. The theatre isn’t even on the main campus, I don’t know where they even perform…

We finally get to the medical school, and my friend was chatting with the admissions people while I got to talk to our tour guide, who went to Oxford, but who is originally from Liverpool and is now back there working for the school. He was nice and very helpful. Unfortunately, my friend found out that you can’t join the university’s med program without a UK undergrad premed degree. So that was the end of her interest in that school. I was still interested though, but getting home and looking at their postgraduate courses let me see that they don’t have any programs that I am interested in, so I guess I won’t apply there like I was thinking I might.

After the tour we headed downtown to the city center. On the way, a guy came up to us asking for spare change. I’m 80% sure it was the cocaine guy again, but not completely because I didn’t get a good view of him the first time. We went to the Primark in the town and it is massive. It’s five stories and amazing. I was almost hyperventilating from all the clothes there. It’s much bigger and better than the one in Chester. I got a shirt, shorts, a dress, and some leggings, but I started with a lot more than that and dwindled it down to those four items.

We ate at Burger King and then headed down to the Albert Dock waterfront area. It was dark at that point so we could only enjoy it for it’s beautiful lights. There’s a ferris wheel thing like in London that’s really pretty at night. We stopped by the Beatles Story museum but it was closed. I really like the ambiance of Liverpool and really want to go back and experience more of it during the day. I may go back next Wednesday and do Beatles stuff.

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